This restaurant generates $30,000 in online pick-up orders, but has paid $0 in commission.

Before this restaurant adopted Rushable’s services, customers who wanted to place a pick-up order online had to use 3rd party platforms, which charge restaurants as high as 30% commission.

No Commission, No Redirecting. Orders Placed Directly On Your Website

check icon Pickup Orders
check icon In-house Delivery
check icon Curbside Orders
check icon 3rd Party Delivery
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Managing orders is easy-peasy on your tablet

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check icon Real Time Data

See every transaction detail right on your tablet

check icon Scheduled Ordering

Let customers schedule an order for a later time

check icon Customer Info

Keep your patrons yours and reach them directly as needed

check icon Adjustable Prep Time

Set the estimated prep time for orders

check icon Item Availability

Instantly update your inventory as needed

check icon Issue Refund

Process refunds to your customers directly

Calculate how much commission you could save

Input your sales information:
Daily online pickup orders
Average order amount

Choose your 3rd party platform

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Estimates are calculated based on average industry-reported marketplace rates, plus a 3% deduction for payment processing.

Rushable would save you 94% on cost

doordash icon DoorDash

Commission 15% - 25%

Cost $15512

Income $75738

rushable icon Rushable

Flat Fee $99/mo

Cost $1188

Income $90302

"3rd party platforms get traffic, my website does not." Wrong!

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Your Website

Every day your website gets traffic from a whole bunch of sources. All it takes are analytic tools installed on your website to know your exact traffic data. On average, local restaurant websites get 500-3000 unique visitors each month.

You’ve got more than just traffic. 1 out of every 7 visitors will place an order.

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Based on data from restaurants using Rushable, 15% of your web traffic will become actual customers. If your current website doesn’t make sales to at least 15% of site visitors, ask us how to make it happen.

Now, let’s talk pricing

Rushable offers 3 payment plans, and you can switch among them in your dashboard.

Monthly Plan


Billed monthly

$199 setup fee

best value plan

Annual Plan


Billed annually

$199 setup fee

Free Plan


$0.99/order paid by customers

$199 setup fee

We promise there’s no pressure or pestering, period.

Online Ordering: Turn page views into $$$

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Impress with a branded site

An average of 500-3000 unique visitors will land on your website each month.
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Dynamic menu with photos

1 out of every 7 of them will place an order on the webpage we make for you.
order-3 icon

Payment made online

Customers easily pay by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.
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Confirm orders on your tablet

Similar to delivery platforms, you can manage incoming orders on a tablet.
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Notify customers via SMS & email

After you confirm an order, the customer will receive SMS & email notifications.
order-6 icon

Prepare the food and hand it off

Just like that, a $0 commission online order is completed with ease.
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Why built-in direct ordering is better

Studies show that over 70% of customers prefer to order food directly through a restaurant’s own branded website, because they want to feel like you’re speaking directly to them. In fact, many customers change their mind when the order button takes them to a different website.

Only send customers to 3rd party platforms if you don’t provide your own delivery service

Good news: with Rushable, the only link you need to advertise is your own website. Even if you don’t offer your own delivery service, the Rushable-powered ordering system will guide customers to your preferred delivery partner. This way, you keep all customers placing pickup orders on your own site and don’t get charged any unnecessary commission fees.

Multi-location owners will love us even more

If you have more than one location, your Rushable website will lead customers to the right place with a GPS-integrated restaurant locator, giving credibility to your brand. In addition, each location can have its own menu set and payout account.

multi locations

Other awesome features

Customer Directory
Contactless Ordering
Promo Codes SOON
Smart Delivery Orders
Ticket Printing SOON
Online Support

Upgrade with Pro Add-Ons

Every Pro Add-on is designed to help restaurants operate with elevated efficiency and to drive more sales.

curbside-order icon
Curbside Ordering

Take the headache out of fulfilling curbside orders. Rushable makes curbside orders a breeze.

phone-notification icon
Order Reminders

Never let another order slip through the cracks. Order reminder calls give you another layer of protection.

multi-language icon
Multilingual Menu

Your international customers will feel right at home and can find exactly what they’re looking for.

platform-integration icon
Orders Hub

Consolidate all your internet orders, even those from 3rd party delivery platforms.

customer-review icon
Review Generator

Boost your online reviews by SMS texting your customers links to Google Reviews.

customer-relation-management icon
Loyalty Program

Reward the customers that keep coming back with an opt-in loyalty program for special deals.